E-business and selling to customers outside of Ontario

When you sell products or services over the internet, your customers may be from different parts of the world. This means you may need to know about business and tax regulations in your customer’s local jurisdiction, as well as exporting regulations in your region. 

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Exporting to world markets

Other regulations that can apply to your e-business include: business name registration, consumer protection, advertising rules, import/exporting, product safety and labelling, inter-provincial or international trade treaties and intellectual property rights.

To ensure that you know the requirements for selling to non-Ontario customers, contact the appropriate legal and tax authorities for the province, territory or country where your customers are located.

Selling to customers in Canada

For more information on the requirements and regulations for selling to customers across Canada, contact the business support centres located in the customer's province or territory.

To contact a centre located outside of your province or territory, please use the local number or email address listed for that centre.

Services and business hours will vary by organization.

Selling to customers located outside of Canada

For more information on the legal requirements for getting your goods and services to customers in other countries, you can contact the offices of foreign representatives in Canada. Global Affairs Canada provides a listing of foreign representatives in Canada.

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Foreign representatives in Canada

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